This is an antibody preparation generated in rabbit by Dr. William North Professor of Physiology and Neurobiology of Dartmouth Medical School (now Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College) using a synthetic peptide representing the last 18 C-terminal residues of the 39 amino acid glycopeptide, coupled to bovine thyroglobulin as antigen.

Specificity: No measureable reactivity with rat or mouse copeptin, no measureable reactivity with vasopressin or human vasopressin-related neurophysin.

Tested applications                          IHC-formaldehyde-fixed tissues, Flow Cytometry, RIA, ELISA


Form                                                Liquid

Storage Instructions                        Shipped at 4⁰C. Store at 4⁰C short term (1-2 weeks). Upon delivery aliquot and store at -20⁰C or -80⁰C. Avoid freeze/Thaw cycling.

Storage buffer                                 Preservative none.  Stable if stored as 1:100 dilutions in PBS containing 1.25 mg/ml of BSA at -20⁰C.

                                                        Constituents: Whole serum

Purity                                               Whole Antiserum

Research Areas:                             Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Neuropeptides, Hormones, Neuroendocrinology, Measurement of Oxytocin Release.


Woomera Therapeutics Inc.  guarantees use of BORIS Y in each of the tested applications:

The application information recommends certain starting dilutions; however, optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.


IHC                                                   1/1000-1/2000 Use at an assay dependent concentration

RIA                                                   1/15,000-20,000, Sensitivity to 2 pg; sensitivity  range, 2-320 pg; 50% displacement at 40 pg; <no measurable cross-reaction with AVP or VP-HNP.

Flow Cytometry                                 >1/1000

Western                                              >1/1000


Friedmann, A.S., Malott, K.A., Memoli, V.A., Pai, S.I., Yu, X.-M., and North, W.G.  Products of vasopressin gene expression in small-cell carcinoma of the lung.  Br. J. Cancer  69:260-263, 1994.

North, W.G., Pai, S., Friedmann, A., Yu, X., Fay, M., and Memoli, V.  Vasopressin gene related products are markers of human breast cancer.  Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 34:229-235, 1995.

Product Code                     BORIS Y

Rabbit Human Copeptin Antibodies (BORIS Y)

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Rabbit Human Copeptin  Antibodies (Vasopressin-Associated Glycopeptide, VAG), BORIS Y.