• Abnormal vasopressin production has been well documented in various cancer cell lines including Small Cell Lung Cancer, and Breast Cancer.
  • Provasopressin is the precursor molecule for Vasopressin, normally processed by neurons inside the hypothalamus and excreted as three Independent molecules via a transport vesicle
  • Woomera has observed that in contrast to normal vasopressin production, in cancer cells some Provasopressin is not processed and migrates intact to the cell membrane.
  • Woomera has also observed the presence and importance of mutant vasopressin receptors on cancer cells.
  • Woomera is developing antibodies against multiple targets associated with the production and use of vasopressin in cancer.

Vasopressin, Provasopressin and Oncology

  • Vasopressin is a neuroendocrine hormone found in most mammals
  • Vasopressin is generated in the hypothalamus and stored in the pituitary gland for secretion in response to stimulus
  • Main biological functions include: 

                         Regulation of body fluid balance through the kidneys

                         Involved in the maintenance of blood pressure

                         Stress agent as one of several releasers of ACTH (Adrenocorticotrophic hormone)

Vasopressin Biology

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